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​Practice specialty

Faculty of Medical Bioengineering | Bachelor degree programmes​

Professional practice
Clinical training - 1st and 2nd year
Clinical training - 3rd year

Recommendations for conducting clinical internships and summer practice

  • UMF "Gr. T. Popa" from Iasi, Faculty of Medical Bioengineering
  • Iași Clinical Recovery Hospital
  • Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children „Sf. Maria ”Iasi
  • Regional Institute of Oncology
  • Emergency Clinical Hospital „Prof. Dr. N. Oblu ”Iasi
  • "Sf. Spiridon" County Clinical Emergency Hospital Iași
  • CF Clinical Hospital Iasi
  • Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology "Elena Doamna" Iași
  • Socola Institute of Psychiatry Iasi
  • Providence Hospital Iasi
  • UPU SMURD Iasi
  • Nicolina Spa Clinic, Iaşi, individual offices
  • Physiotherapy and Recovery Center Iasi, Gr. T. Popa Foundation
  • Prolife Clinics SRL Iasi
  • Pașcani Municipal Emergency Hospital
  • CF Pașcani General Hospital
  • Mavromati County Emergency Hospital Botosani
  • Botoșani Children's Hospital
  • The Hospital of Recovery „Sf. Gheorghe ”Botosani
  • Dorohoi Municipal Hospital
  • Vaslui County Emergency Hospital
  • "Elena Beldiman" Barlad Municipal Emergency Hospital
  • Municipal Hospital "D. Castroianu ”, Huși
  • Bacău County Emergency Hospital
  • Moinești Municipal Emergency Hospital
  • The “Sf. Hierarch Dr. Luca ”Onești
  • The County Emergency Hospital "Sf. Ioan cel Nou ”Suceava
  • Fălticeni Municipal Hospital
  • City Hospital „Sf. Dimitrie ”Tg. German
  • The County Emergency Hospital "Sf. Pantelimon ”Focșani
  • "Anton Cincu" Tecuci Municipal Hospital
  • Polimed Podu Turcului Hospital
  • Romanian Academy Iași Branch, Institute of Informatics
  • Armbruster Clinic Iasi
  • Cabinet Medical Sanfiz Iași
  • "Fizio-Med" Medical Recovery Center Iași
  • Center for Medical Recovery and Rheumatology "Medfiz" Iași
  • Balance Day Center, Iasi
  • Hygeea Medical Center SRL Iași
  • Preventis Medical Center, Iași
  • Roche Romania SRL
  • SC Analda SRL, Iași, Workstation Centrum Gym
  • SC Beta Tech SRL, Iași
  • SC Cardiomed SRL, Iași
  • SC Kinetic Fit SRL, Iași
  • SC Euromedica SRL, Iasi
  • S.C. Osteopharm S.R.L., Iași
  • SC Red Hospital SRL Iasi
  • SC Salina Iași
  • SC Sanomed Consulting SRL, Iași
  • SC Terapeutica SRL, Iași
  • Medical Recovery Center of SC RK Med SRL, Botoșani
  • Medical Asistserv Botoșani
  • SC Lux-Ro SRL Botosani
  • SC Alfa Hotels SRL - Bucharest, PL Slănic Moldova, Hotel Venus
  • Micromedica Piatra Neamț Medical Center
  • SC Elipetro Med SRL Piatra Neamt
  • Neokinetic Sports & Medicine, Roman
  • "Speranța Sick" Medical Foundation, Barticești, Neamt
  • SC Lucy Val SRL, Recovery and Massage Center, Rădăuți
  • The General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Vaslui
  • SC Recumed SRL Vaslui
  • SC Balneotherapy Saturn, Mangalia
  • SC Pod Serv SRL, Băile Felix, Health Center President
  • SC Ghencea Medical Center SA, Bucharest