Center for Information, Counseling and Career Guidance
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​Center for Information, Counseling and Career Guidance (CICOP)

The mission of the Center for Information, Counseling and Professional Orientation (CICOP)  is to coordinate information, career education, educational counseling and career guidance activities at the faculty level, in cooperation with the other faculties of the university and partners from the economic and social field. -cultural.

The activities specific to the Center for Information, Counseling and Professional Orientation  are:

A. Professional counseling and guidance
a) assistance in the creation of the job search tools (CV, cover letter, motivational letter);
b) preparation for presentation at the selection interview;
c) counseling for contacting an employer in order to obtain a job;
d) consulting in order to open a business of its own;
e) continuous training, through: continuous training / improvement / specialization programs; other training programs for acquiring skills in counseling and career guidance, social and psychological assistance, etc.
f) promotion of internship offers, internships, jobs;
g) organizing events together with the Faculty Promotion Committee and the Committee on Relations with Graduates and the Labor Market;
h) organizing exchanges of interuniversity experience with other counseling centers in the country in the specific field.

B. Management of information resources
a) the continuous creation and updating of a database with information on employment, education / training possibilities and the legislation in force in the field of labor and entrepreneurship;
b) the creation of information resources regarding the opportunities for postgraduate training in the country and abroad;
c) systematizing a collection of CV templates, letters of intent or other documents required for continuous improvement or employment;
d) designing, publishing and distributing free of charge together with other structures of the faculty of:
- publications containing information related to the choice of professional route in the context of the transferable credits system and of the university curriculum (candidate's guide);
- publications on personal development (career guide).


The beneficiaries of the Center for Information, Counseling and Professional Orientation  are:
- the students of the terminal classes The
Center for Information, Counseling and Professional Orientation presents together with the commission for the promotion of the Faculty of Medical Bioengineering the students from the final years of pre-university education, as well as other categories of potential beneficiaries ( graduates of some forms of education who choose to improve through various educational programs offered by the faculty), the educational offer, their familiarization with the student status. For this purpose, with the support of the faculty, the rector, elaborate informative materials regarding the university and postgraduate educational offer (the candidate's guide, leaflets, posters, presentations by means of IT, reflection in the media);
- students Faculties of Medical Bioengineering The
Center for Information, Counseling and Professional Orientation provides students with information and consultations in choosing the individual professional path in the context of the university curriculum and the transferable credit system. It also provides general information on the specific regulations in force at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Grigore T. Popa" Iaşi, on the way of granting the scholarships, the existing libraries, the modalities of accommodation, orientation to the NGOs in order to develop of volunteering and collaboration activities
- graduates of the Faculty of Medical Bioengineering
Counseling for contacting an employer, assisting in the development of CVs and letters of intention and motivation, recruitment and selection of those wishing to participate in an interview. These activities are carried out in order to diagnose the degree of suitability of the graduate to the profession (according to the COR), for the best insertion and adaptation in the labor market;
- employers companies
Access to the database of graduates and students in search of a job; pre-selection of candidates according to the requirements of the employers.


Lecturer Daniel  Boldureanu