About U.M.F. Iasi
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​​About U.M.F. Iasi​

One of the oldest ancient times of higher education in our country, one founded in 1879, as a Faculty of Medicine, being associated more with two other institutions that complete the area of ​​medical training - the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Dental Medicine. In 1991, the Institute was confronted with the status of the university, receiving the name of the famous representative of the School of Functional Anatomy Iasi, Grigore T. Popa. Later, the Faculty of Medical Bioengineering is included, the only one of its kind in Romania. The University imposes itself as today with a valuable teaching body as well as with a modernized basic and technical matter, suitable for carrying out the didactic process and the scientific research activity.

Established together with the University of Iași, perhaps the Faculty of Medicine begins on December 1, 1879, is to present to the Government of M. Kogălniceanu and N. Kretzulescu, as well as the shortage of medical staff after the war of independence of 1877. Throughout the time , great personalities have university markings of medicine: Grigore T. Popa, Leon Scully, Petru Poni, CI Parhon, Aristide Peride, Ion Ciure, Ludovic Russ, Ernest Juvara, C. Proca, N. Leon, V. Sion, Fr . Reiner, E. Riegler, Al. Slatineanu, I. Tănăsescu, A. Tupa, V. Rascanu, L. Baliff, J. Nitulescu, O. Franche, Vl. Butureanu, P. Vancea and others.

The University assumes as fundamental roles the formation and improvement of graduates and specialists in medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, bioengineering and health care, creating, treasuring and disseminating the values ​​of bio-medical sciences and affirming them in the European and world circuits, continually improving the continuum. and the performances of the national public health system, cultivation of the traditions of free and academic thinking of democracy, of deontology and bioethics, in the spirit of recognizing the fundamental rights and freedoms of man and of the principles of the rule of law;

UMF Iasi quickly fulfills missions for the pursuit of the objectives:
  • training of specialists with superior training, performance in relations with national and international aid
  • updating and continuous improvement of specialized training, through different forms of postgraduate education;
  • quality management of the educational services of initial and continuous training offered by the university;
  • optimization of research activities to establish fundamental and applicable, to raise the quality level, increase the competitiveness and affirm the performances of the medical school of Iasi and for the continuous improvement of the nurses;
  • promoting international cooperation relations and integration into the European medical education environment, achieving the standard of structure, quality and efficiency;
  • promoting deontology and bioethics, defending democratic values, respecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual in the right state;
  • ensuring the basis of appropriate materials through all activities, as well as a certain working and living conditions suitable for all academic community members.