The rector's message to the academic community - March 16, 2020
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The rector's message to the academic community - March 16, 2020

​​The rector's message to the academic community - March 16,​ 2020

Dear members of the academic community,


We are all going through very difficult times. My primary concern is the health and wellbeing of everyone in our academic community: students, faculty and staff. To this end, we are always following the national authorities’ measures to limit the spread of the current coronavirus epidemicTogether with the University management team, we are constantly working and looking for the best solutions so that we can carry out our teaching activity without significantly altering the structure of the university year.


On Friday, after the University Board meeting, we announced our next short-term schedule: spring holiday between March 16-22 and, starting from March 23 the teaching activity will be conducted onlineWe have made the decision regarding the one-week holiday for several reasons. First of allwe need time to organize the teaching activity (courses, seminars and practical work) from a technical point of view. Second of all, we have to follow the legal framework in which to make the transition to a tele-work regime. And last but not least, during this one-week period, the technical-administrative staff will have the opportunity to sanitize all the university buildings.


After the holiday, students are advised not to return to campus and continue their academic training online, until further notice. We realize that the transition from classroom instruction to online learning may be difficult or frustrating, in addition to the lack of contact with colleagues and friends. We are only doing this to protect our students, and to also protect the most vulnerable members of our community


The decision to switch to online education was not an easy one. The purpose of these changes is to minimize the need of gathering in groups and spend extended time in close proximity with one another. Our actions are in line with the recommendations of health officials and with similar decisions made by other universities - in Iasi and in the country.


In the next periodyou will receive several technical messages that will guide you through the process ofonline learning.


As a fellow physician my thoughts are going to those in the front line: doctors, nurses and hospital staff. In the days and weeks to come, we will need them more than ever. And they need all our support and understanding. I am proud to be a member of a community where people put the good of the community above their own.


With my best wishes,



Professor Viorel Scripcariu