Rector's message - regarding the situation about Ukrainian refugees
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Rector's message - regarding the situation about Ukrainian refugees

​Rector's message - regarding the situation about Ukrainian refugees​​

Dear colleagues, professors,
Dear colleagues, Romanian students and students from all around the world,
Dear colleagues, administrative personnel,

Today, 2 years since the fight with the pandemic, we find ourselves again in front of a difficult situation, full of emotions, concern, revolt, empathy.
Concern. It is normal that a war taking place near the borders of Europe to alarm you. I was concerned as well when I saw the images from the front, but I trust the authorities. As the Romanian, European and Euroatlantic authorities have emphasized, the situation of our country is stable and safe and does not give rise to any concern.  The membership to EU and NATO, protects us from any military threat. Moreover, the Russian aggression has proved the unity of the members of UE and NATO, the capacity to react together, to find solutions in dramatic moments and to firmly fulfill them.
I am aware that disinformation reaches high levels in these conditions, for this reason I have chosen to trust the official messages from the authorities, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, with whom we communicate constantly. We are also keeping all lines of communication open with the embassies of the countries from which our students come from.
I assure you that my priority always remains the health, safety and well-being of every member of our University.
Revolt. We are all outraged by Russia's brutal war against a sovereign and independent state. It is not moral to stand aside when people die in a neighbouring state, because of those who preferred weapons to diplomacy. I am convinced that I speak for all of you when I express my solidarity with the people of Ukraine, victims of an unprovoked and brutal attack, and we deplore the loss of lives caused by this military conflict.
Empathy. War means ruined lives. Just imagining what it would be like to be in the place of the Ukrainians is horrific. The messages of peace on social networks have their role of moral support for the population, but it is desirable that the support goes beyond words, to be effective and concrete.

What we have done so far:
We have contacted and supported our colleagues at the Ukrainian Medical Universities, found solutions for teachers and students in extreme situations, and continue to support them.
The university participates in government relief efforts, according to the resources we have and the existing legal framework. Coordination is essential at this time and that is why we are joining the authorities' initiative to centralize support activities for refugees in Ukraine, especially as their flow intensifies. We have prepared the 1Mai A Home to provide accommodation for 240 refugees.
The students volunteered to support humanitarian action, to collect food, clothing, medicine or other necessary items, to guide and help refugees find accommodation.
We are contacting non-governmental organizations that can provide medical assistance to hospitals in Ukraine. I have opened an account where I invite you to make donations: 

Banca Română pentru Dezvoltare
Fundația „Gr. T. Popa", Cod de identificare fiscal: 22254034​

Another very important issue: According to the Order issued on March 2 by the Minister of Education, foreign students from Ukraine can enroll in Romanian universities. We already have requests, and we will take care of each case.​​

Dear colleagues,
Today, after 2 years of fighting the pandemic, we are stronger, more resilient and more prepared than ever to face any challenge. The events of the last days show us that the protection of democratic values remains one of the strongest missions that we, the University, must assume.
I will do my best to ensure that, no matter what happens, students' careers are not affected, just as they were not affected during the pandemic. Remember that when society was dominated by fear, we have found courageous solutions and ensured continuous teaching. We will do the same, no matter what. 

Prof. Univ. Dr. Viorel Scripcariu