Rector Message - Activity and management structure
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Rector Message - Activity and management structure

​​​Rector Message - Activity and management structure​

Dear colleagues,

Wisdom, compassion and courage are universally recognized moral qualities. These words belong to the Chinese philosopher Confucius and state an axiomatic truth: no matter of the cultural environment, the times and circumstances, there are human values to which whole humanity adheres.

We need them all the time, but more the less in difficult times such as the one we are going through now.

We need the wisdom to accept that we are facing an exceptional situation, which requires exceptional measures and customized compliance on our behalf.

Equally, we need to offer our compassion to those directly suffering from the effects of the pandemic. Whether we are talking about our patients or our colleagues from the medical system, everyone needs to feel us close, as well as we need their support.

And yes, we need courage, lots of it – as doctors, we are at the forefront of this conflict. We are today the characters of a story we will be telling our children and grandchildren and from which I have the certainty we will learn a lot for the future. As doctors, we are now in the center of public attention. A great amount of hope is invested in us and we cannot give society a different answer than “we will give all we can and something more". More than ever, we see now why the profession of doctor is more than a job, it's a vocation.

From the position of Rector of the "Grigore T. Popa" University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi I am glad to give you two good news today.

Firstly, there are signs that we will resume our activity after May 16 and that the current academic year will not be "frozen". There is nothing official yet, and there still is more than a month until then, in which many good and bad things can happen. But there is real hope that we will soon return to normal, which is something.

Secondly, I also announce that today our University has a complete management structure. The appointment of deans, who were validated in the Senate meeting on April 7, has completed the process of academic elections in our University. The deans begin their mandate on April 27, when the previous term ends. I congratulate Prof. Univ. Dr. Ionela-Lăcrămioara Șerban (Faculty of Medicine), Prof. Univ. Dr. Monica-Silvia Tatarciuc (Faculty of Dental Medicine), Prof. Univ. Dr. Lenuța Profire (Faculty of Pharmacy) and Prof. Univ. Dr. Anca-Irina Galaction (Faculty of Medical Bioengineering) for the mandates obtained and I am convinced that we will have an excellent collaboration, for the benefit of our academic community.

We have plans to pursue, we have projects in progress, we have many things to do for the prosperity and development of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Iasi. But to get back to the normal rhythm of work, we must first go through this sad pandemic episode.

Caution, not panic; the reign of reason and not the overwhelming, debilitating emotions - these are the guidelines, the principles that must guide our actions and our state of mind these days. I know the huge pressure you feel at every moment - it is natural to feel so, because our responsibility towards society is important. I know that it is even more difficult for you as your responsibility is triple: towards the patients in the hospital, towards the students, but also towards the ones at home. I know these things because I also experience them. But I also know that this tiring experience will end once and for all.

Be proud of our profession and, equally, be responsible in the academic training of the doctors, pharmacists and medical bioengineers of tomorrow.

Thank you and I wish you good luck in your online teaching activity!​

Professor Viorel SCRIPCARIU