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Faculty of Dental Medicine​

Crt. Department Director / Board Members Department Component disciplines Coordinator of didactic activity
1. Surgical (Dentoalveolar and maxillofacial surgery Professor Eugenia Popescu - director

Professor Irina Zetu

Professor Danisia Haba

Assistant Professor Vasilica Toma

Lecturer Carmen Stelea

Sef. works. Dr. Carmen Savin

Assistant Professor Carina Balcos

Dental-alveolar surgery Anesthesia, sedation and urgent medical-surgical Professor Eugenia Popescu
Oral and maxillofacial surgery Assistant Professor Mihai Constantin
Anesthesiology Lecturer Carmen Stelea
Basics of physics and biophysics in dental medicine Lecturer Decebal Vasincu
General pathology and gold-maxillofacial Professor Marcel Costuleanu
Chemistry and biochemistry of the oral cavity Professor Liliana Foia
Gold-tooth prevention Associate Professor Lucia Barlean
Community dentistry Professor Stela Hanganu
Oral medicine Christina Popa, Chief of Staff
Oral medicine Associate Professor Tatiana Taranu
Oral dermatology Associate Professor Tatiana Taranu
General and dental radiology Professor Danisia Haba
Pedodontie Associate Professor Adriana Balan
Orthodontics and Dental-Facial Orthopedics Professor Irina Zetu
2. Dentistry-Periodontology, Fixed prosthesis ProfessorSilvia Mârțu - director

ProfessorMaria Vataman

ProfessorGabriela Ifteni

Head of work. dr. Liviu Zetu

Head of work. dr. Sorina Solomon,

chief of staff. dr. Angela Ghiorghe

Head of work. dr. Oana Țănculescu
Cariology Professor Sorin Andrian
endodontics Professor Maria Vataman
Periodontology Professor Silvia Martu
Fixed prosthesis. Gnathology, DSF Aesthetics Professor Gabriela Ifteni
3. Implantology, removable prosthesis, denture technology Associate Professor Anca Vițalariu - director

ProfessorNorina Forna

ProfessorMonica Tatarciuc

Head of work. dr. Dan Bosînceanu

Head of work. dr. Diana Popa-Diaconu

Chief of Staff. dr. Irina Grădinaru

Head of work. Dr. Monica Andronache
Implantology and prosthetic implant rehabilitation. Partially removable prosthesis. Rehabilitation of partial edentation Professor Norina Forna
Total prosthesis Associate Professor Mihaela Silvas
Dental prosthesis technology Professor Monica Tatarciuc
Dental material Lecturer Irina Gradinaru
Gold-dental diagnosis and gerontostomatology Lecturer Monica Scutaru
Ergonomics Lecturer Cristina Iordache
Psychomotor and speech therapy recovery -
Balneophysiotherapy and oral functional recovery Associate Professor Sorin Stratulat
Public health and management Associate Professor Mihaela Carausu