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Rector message - online examination of students as well as the completion of bachelor's and master's studies

​​Rector message - online examination of students as well as the completion of bachelor's and master's studies​​​

Dear Students,​

As I promised you, I come back today with a message regarding the details of the online examination of students as well as the completion of Bachelor's and Master's studies. The University's Board of Directors agreed on the procedures of conducting and organising the online examination of students and the completion of studies at UMF Iasi, in accordance with the measures taken by the authorities to prevent the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus infection. These procedures will be discussed and validated by the Senate next week, then they will be published on our website. 

Some data related to the conduct of the online examination of students:

  • ​The examination of all students enrolled in the Bachelor's and Master's programs, in the second ordinary session, will take place online, via Microsoft Teams, through an oral evaluation of the knowledge accumulated from both lecture and practical work curriculum taught during the second semester. 
  • Ordinary Session 2 will take place from May 30th to June 29th 2020. The Colloquium type evaluations, corresponding to the second semester of the 2019-2020 academic year, can be carried out, also online, until May 29th 2020. 
  • For final year students, the period of the credit exams, grade modification exams and retakes is June 30th - July 12th 2020. For final year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the examination of specialized practice will take place in September 2020. 
  • For students who are not in final years, the grade modification exams, the retakes and the credit exams, the evaluation of practical activity and clinical on call duty will take place in September 2020. 

Regarding the finalization of Bachelor's and Master's studies in September (July for the Faculty of Medical Bioengineering), we have agreed that, during the time when face-to-face interaction is prohibited, the completion of a Bachelor's or Master's degree course at our University will be conducted online, for all study programs, via Microsoft Teams.

I want to assure you, once again, that the decisions we make are in the benefit of every member of the community of our University and of the University in general. We are making all necessary efforts to ensure that all students are supported to continue their academic year. The Board of the University is designing all the procedures of the online teaching activities as close as possible to normal in terms of uniformity, quality standards and as close as possible to the dates scheduled in the original academic calendar.

As we all already know, starting from May 15th, the state of emergency will no longer be extended, and we will switch to a state of alert. Relaxation measures will be taken, on a national level, gradually, once every two weeks, as the situation has not yet improved and the epidemic has not passed. I stand with you and I thank you for your patience and resilience, but we must continue to be responsible and careful.

Professor Viorel Scripcariu