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Rector's message - methodologies and working procedures for carrying out the online teaching process

​​​​Rector message - methodologies and working procedures for carrying out the online teaching process during the state of emergency​​

Dear Students,

As we are going through this difficult time together, I am aware that our patience is being put to the test. Like you, I follow national and international news, scientific articles and press articles. I am convinced that we will get through this. But we all know that the only way to get through this is through intense and effective communication and a deep understanding that we are interconnected, interdependent but also fragile beings at the same time. The two key traits in the coming weeks will be calm and empathy.

We are now all concerned about what the next steps are, what follows. I want you to be convinced that we will make the best decision possible for the benefit of every member of the academic community and for our university in general.

We have been working online for a month now, fully respecting the normal timetable for the teaching activity for this semester, at all study programmes. We have thus succeeded in ensuring the continuity of your training under the conditions of suspension of face-to-face courses. The Ministry of Education, through the steps taken, ensured the legality of the online activity and the University administration carried out the methodologies and working procedures for carrying out the online teaching process during the state of emergency in UMF Iasi, which you can find on the website.

We are paying attention to what will happen after May 15 and we are ready for more scenarios related to teaching in the upcoming period. Underlying these scenarios our principles are the following:

  1. Completion of the academic year for the final years in all study programmes as close as possible to the dates scheduled in the original academic calendar.
  2. Conducting the teaching activity as close as possible to normal in terms of uniformity and quality standards.
  3. Protecting the health of all members of the academic community.
  4. Strict compliance with the preventive measures recommended by the public authorities.
  5. We will ensure that each student does not suffer, each particular situation will be analysed separately so that the students can continue their university courses.

Therefore, we will make every effort to ensure that final year students can hold the session as close as possible to the planned date. We are preparing to support final evaluations in any form. For students who are not in the final year, we will organise the evaluation process so that it is conducted in maximum safety. The session will take place after the recovery of practical activities, in an intensive manner, after the end of the state of emergency. We are preparing for any form of evaluation, either online, face-to-face, or online and face-to-face, as the epidemiological conditions will require.

Regardless of how the 2019-2020 academic year will end – in September or during the next academic year – students will be enrolled in the next academic year without additional fees. I want to assure you that any measures that will be implemented will be brought to your attention at least 2 weeks in advance..

I will come back with a message in the beginning of May, at which point I hope I can give you more details.

Although the short-term future continues to be uncertain, I am confident that it will not be long before we overcome this situation, stronger than before.

Professor Viorel Scripcariu
Rector ​